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OWN Your Own PERSONAL Blog Network and Relax Knowing YOU are in COMPLETE CONTROL of Your Linking AND Your Anchor Text!

Built by SEO Professionals For SEO Professionals

Dear SEO Professional,

You know that you need links to rank, you know that reputable links are getting harder to get, and you know that you need to watch your linking or you will get penalized.

In light of everything that has happened in the last couple of years in SEO, you now know it is more important then ever to CONTROL your links, or at least most of them.

Don’t be at the mercy of other webmasters.

If you watched the video above then you saw that I did a lot of two tier linking to my dad’s olive oil site. That’s right, in 2014 it is about linking to the links you have already gotten and juicing them up as much as you can.

Google has gotten pretty aggressive with link penalties these days and it has been tough to rank against the mega sites Google now places on the first page. But, with a Personal Blog Network you are BACK in the running because when YOU OWN your own links, the risk drops about 80%. And then don’t just settle for one ranking, take over the first page as I did..

Take Over The Entire First Page!


In the example above, I promoted (against heavy competition) a course called “Amazing Selling Machine” and the best of the best were doing SEO against me. But because I had my own PBN at my disposal, anytime I put up a piece of content on a Mega site (ie, Amazon, YouTube, Soundbyte, Facebook, Press Releases) I was able to link the crap out of them and crushed everyone else on a massive scale.

Google is very predictable right now with what they are ranking. Get on one of those mega sites, send some links to it and BAM you are done!

Me and my friends have been doing this over and over again, and if you aren’t, you need to be!!

Now I am not telling you this to brag, I am telling you because the only thing I had that the other guys didn’t was easy access to linking. And guess what, I STILL HAVE IT!! It didn’t go away after that one promotion. I continue to rank other properties in other areas with the SAME PBN!


So, you ask, what about themed linking?

How can you rank all these sites in different niches? Which is a good question. Most of the time, if I am linking to a money site that I cherish, I create a custom PBN that is nothing but THEME based sites.

A lot of people still “re-theme” PageRank sites and do well linking directly to their money site, and I did that as well in the example I just mentioned above. But I am very risk tolerant and if I lose that site it isn’t a big deal. After looking at the linking going into some sites that are ranking for very competitive keywords, I am even more a fan of it.

For Example: Current Linking Tactics Being Used!

Here are some recent videos I did of people linking directly to their money sites from non-themed sites and RANKING! (They are all UN-natural links, but still working very well!)


Bottom line, if you are risk averse and want something to link to your money site, then build a themed PBN and do NOT link out to non-theme or multiple niches like I do.

But, if you are like me and want to link to a bunch of stuff or use your PBN to just LINK TO LINKS then build a PageRank network. (meaning non-theme specific, just building domains that have value in terms of the links ALREADY coming into them be it with PageRank, Majesticseo TrustFlow or Moz authority rank).

In a perfect world, you would own a themed PBN for each of the niches you are in or each customer you have, and then a massive PageRank PBN to use to link to the natural links you already have and linking to the Mega sites you put your content on. (otherwise known as Parasite SEO)!

The ease of linking from a PBN each time you need links
is an immeasurable asset and has become the
SEO Professional’s Best Friend.

I myself have been building and using them since 2003 and then started selling access to my own in 2007. In 2012 we started building them for customers. And I will be very honest and upfront, we ran into some operational problems (especially right out of the gate) that caused delivery delays. Ugggh. There are about a zillion little pieces to building these things.

But two years into it, and with new operational management power Ben Roy behind it, we have not only worked out the kinks…

We Have Perfected it.

We have learned what most customers want, what they don’t want, and how to help them with their SEO.

One thing we learned is that not all our customers were as SEO savvy as we thought they would be, so now, we offer a consultation and review of your site(s) and goals to get you going where you want to be.

We also offer consulting updates to review anything that may have changed or incorporate new activities you are involved in.


The last thing we learned is that most people did not update their PBNs, which is “ok” but they do tend to get stale when left alone.

Even some title changes or rearranging attributes on the site means there is activity and life on the site! Which Google likes to see and then will come back more often to spider your site and crawl any new links you put up on it.

And it is just good SEO to keep the sites you are linking from in good shape. So, we reshuffled how we do things here and this involves our biggest change.

We Now Add Original Content

every month to every Tier 1 site in your PBN

You asked for it and we added it! Every month we will add unique original content to every one of your tier one PBN sites. You no longer have to worry about them staying fresh and up-to-date because we have that handled for you. Our group of writers are excited to get working and create articles that should be on your money site they are THAT good! Don’t be surprised if these sites manage to crawl up the search engines themselves.


The content we are going to have written is going to be written specifically for YOUR SITE! If we are making a review site for your PBN, it will have reviews, if we are making you a news site, it will have news! It is NOT just random articles written! We assign the content to the site type so it makes sense. So, be prepared for a “not your normal” blog network! I am really, REALLY excited about this new format and direction we are going in.

This is part of our ongoing service as well. And of course, you still own the sites, you still host the sites, we just NOW maintain them for you. And just wait until you see our GUARANTEE!

So this is what to expect when you sign up to get your PBN built.

What To Expect

Once you have placed your order you will receive your Welcome Email and Receipt and then WE go to work!

Within 7 days, we will send you access info to your PBN Account area where you can watch the entire process unfold every step of the way.

Your order goes into our system and your first sites will be delivered in approx 30 days. (now remember, we buy most of these sites in the auctions so they take 5-8 days to land in our registration accounts, so just buying and getting your domain can take 10-14 days) But every time we purchase a domain for you, you will be notified of that purchase and the domain name.


Once it drops into our registration account it goes into site development where our designer assigns all the attributes of it for our site customizers to follow. The domain is then transferred into our customization department to be built.


After it has been built and customized it goes through the Quality Check department to make sure the Designers instructions have been followed to the “T.”


When it clears QA, it will be transferred into a registration account we set up for you.


Once ALL that is done, you will then receive a delivery email letting you know that your domain is up and running. But I am sure you will already know because you have been following the entire process in your PBN account. 🙂

This happens for EVERY SITE!

There is a LOT going on! But well worth it.



unique sites

Each site we build is totally different from the next. And each site is manually customized to fit your niche or market. 

Unique Content

We now have writers that love to come up with creative and original content that will make the niche or market of your site. Totally themed!

Different IPs

The hosting company we use has done all the hard work for you – each site will have a totally unique sub class IP!

Experience Matters

Sites Built
Clients Worked With
Years in SEO
Networks Built


Each Site Is manually Customized


Unique Content

Themed American Written Content written specifically for YOUR market, niche and PBN website. These are not spun, but real bonafide original and we keep putting this content on your sites EVERY MONTH.

Unique Types of Content

A wide variety of different widgets, modules and or extensions to make each site useful, valuable and unique. We incorporate the most popular add-on’s in different combinations depending on the theme and market of the site. For example, a real estate site may get a loan calculator that would not be appropriate for a dental site.

Unique Themes and Templates.

A wide variety of different themes and templates for beautiful looking sites that are eye catching and unique in combination with the below. We add more themes and templates into our libraries every day.

The Stuff You Need

Privacy Policy, Disclaimer and Site Terms and Conditions. By law, every site is required to have a disclaimer, and most “real” sites will also have the other site use information, so we add it too!

—And Wait Until You See These Sites!

I am going to build you nice, wonderful, pretty, themed, aged and trusted sites for you to hammer all your exact match anchor text too so you can pass that lovely juice to your money site with just one or two sweet brand or url links.


These sites are built to not only add value to the web, but the goal is to pass a manual review if one ever came your way. But these sites WON’T even come up for a manual review because, hello, no one else is using them so they are NOT going to get turned into Google. Our goal is to make these sites so good that they may even rank for your long tail keywords! 🙂

Each Site is Different and Themed to Your Market.



So what happens when Google changes SEO up again? Well, YOU have CONTROL of all your links to do whatever needs to be done to them be it changing anchor text, taking them down, adding more.. whatever! It is all in your control! And, your money site is protected!

You 100% OWN the sites we build for you.

You 100% have CONTROL over them.

Other common questions…

Will these sites have PR?

It is possible, but like I said before, we do NOT purchase sites for the PageRank! That is one factor that you can manipulate after the purchase so we stick to purchasing AGED THEMED sites and then link to them later to boost PageRank. And it is entirely possible that we will purchase Page Ranked sites as long as they have age and are themed to your market.

Why is There a recurring price?

Once built, yours sites need to remain fresh and updated to be effective. The recurring prices covers the costs of having unique and original content written and posted to your site monthly. We also go through the incredibly time consuming process of inner linking the content ON YOUR SITE. In addition we do regular of site back-ups and maintain all aspects of your site including WordPress updates, hacking and de-indexing.

When will I get my first sites?

IMPORTANT: Please note that the first month will always take a little longer for us to deliver, so please be patient. First month typically takes a bit longer then the 30 days, and could run up to 60 days, but then the team is locked and loaded and on time thereafter.

How can you guarantee that these sites are safe?

We take all precautions while buying, building and delivering them to you. We have spent MANY hours pouring everything we know about building safe blog networks into the build and management of these sites to keep them safe and indexed, but if they do happen to fall under Google’s radar and are deindexed, and you are currently on the maintenance plan, WE WILL REPLACE THE TIER 1 SITES!

Will I be able to choose which sites I want to keep.

Yes and no. I mean, if we don’t hit the mark in your niche for you first time around, then yes you can be more clear as to what you are looking for. Just keep in mind, we are at the mercy of what is available and if your request is too narrow, then it may make it like looking for a needle in a haystack. We do our best to find exactly what you are looking for keeping in mind what would be a natural link to you. For example, if you are in the auto transport business, it would be natural for you to get a link from a real estate site that has recommendations for moving.

Can I stop at any time?

Yes of course. Please give us a two week notice prior to your next billing so we can stop the site acquisition team looking for your sites.

Can I purchase an entire network up front?

Yes, there are options to accelerate your network build after you order. If that isn’t enough, you can always get in touch and we can make custom arrangements.

Can I get all my sites on WordPress.

Yes. In fact at the current moment that is all we offer.

Do I own these sites?

Absolutely! You retain 100% ownership of these sites and can do whatever you want with them. You can even open your own private blog network service with them if you choose. (but just beware of who you let in!)

How much does hosting cost

It depends on the size of your network. It is only slightly higher then normal hosting because you are getting hosting in addition to IPs. But you can grow your hosting with your network.

Do I have to sign up for a bunch of my own hosting accounts?

Our hosting provider has taken the hassle out of finding all your mom and pop hosting companies and has set up accounts on your behalf so you have only 1 admin area.

What about Google and blog networks?

Yes, blog networks have taken a beating in the last couple of years. Google gets all prissy pants when you want to um .. manipulate their rankings, and because they want to discourage this they have created a bit of a publicity hoopla over finding networks and de-indexing them.

Well, I am here to tell you, Google hype can keep a lot of novices off the track, but the dusty gritty SEO will tell you it doesn’t matter. You see, it is an industry term to say “index” when you show up in the search results. But in reality, the site stays in Google’s “index” it just doesn’t show up in the search results (where you don’t want it anyway).

Here is what Google Engineer John Mueller said about it in a Google Hangout.

Question: When the page is no index in other words it is dropped from the index do those links still power for a while or do they eventually drop out?

Muller: “We still crawl and index those pages, we just don’t show them. What happens in a case like that we will crawl the page, we will process all of the content on page…we just won’t show that page in the search results.”
Muller: “They keep it in the index they just don’t show it in the search results.”
Muller: “It is part of the link graph it is just not searchable”

He then showed this graph to make it more understandable.


We have spent MANY hours pouring everything we know about building safe blog networks into the build and management of these sites to keep them safe and indexed, but if they do happen to fall under Google’s radar and are deindexed, and you are currently on the maintenance plan, WE WILL REPLACE THEM!

x These sites will NOT be hosted in one data center like MOST seo hosting which leaves a HUGE footprint. In fact, seo hosting in general is a no no just for the sheer fact that Google now knows these hosts, their IPs, and has them in their cross-hairs.

x These sites will NOT have links coming from “sponsored” or “advertisement” slapped on or above the section of them. THAT is a sure notice to Google you are buying links and you need to STAY far, far away from that unless they are accompanied with a no follow tag.

x These sites will NOT be shared with anyone else (unless you do) so you do NOT have to worry about other customers turning them into Google as the sites they would like to disavow links from. Boooo

x These sites will NOT slam your money site with exact match keywords.

xThese sites will NOT have links in every article that is posted like the old networks giving it away to Google that the site is only there for linking.


You Get The Benefit Of My 12 Years of
Experience Building
These Things!

checkmarkThese sites WILL be hosted in regular mom and pop hosting services all around the world in shared hosting accounts just like what real, everyday people use, because guess what, these are real everyday sites that blend into the background just like we want them to.

checkmarkThese sites WILL have contextual/editorial links like the ones Google loves to hate because they are so dang juicy and pass the absolute most benefit to your site.

checkmarkThese sites WILL be purchased in the expired domain auctions following your preferences.

checkmarkThese sites WILL only have links to YOUR money site and other major authority sites (like way big sites like and such) as THAT is natural.

checkmarkThese sites WILL have articles and content that will have NO links in them making outbound linking ratio low, thus boosting the links that ARE going out.

checkmarkThese sites WILL only link to your money site using your URL unless you specify money keywords.

We have been studying the art of building PBNs for a long time and continue to watch every action (or reaction rather) that the search engines make and quickly respond in our efforts. We take great pride in bringing you the best possible Personal Blog Network to help you rock your rankings on Google, Bing, YouTube, Amazon and all the rest.

Pricing & Guarantee

Our services are delivered by our team with years of experience and are passionate about building the best Personal Blog Networks in the SEO industry!

What YOU Get

We have structured our network builds so you can choose the size network you want, the type of sites you want and then over the year, we scale to that size all the while maintaining the sites we have already built for you.

It looks something like this..


You still own the sites, you still host the sites, but we maintain them and add content to them every month.


5 Premium Tier 1 Websites

  • Higher end domains. We’re procuring domains that have more and higher authority backlinks that will ultimately carry more trust and more backlink power.
  • Matching social site build-out. In addition to creating social accounts for the sites, we’re also making sure that they are styled up to match the website and hooked up for content to flow from the site to the social accounts
  • More, better content. Great content is expensive, but it’s worth it for these top tier sites.
  • More, in depth build time. We’ve increased the amount of time that our website creators spend making sure that these sites are beautiful and realistic and can even rank and bring in revenue as well.

25 Tier 2 Websites

Each tier one PBN site will have natural links coming into it from the history it has, BUT, we are also building a layer of buffer-type sites. These will also have unique themes and designs, original and syndicated content, and often matching social profiles.

This configuration gives you lots of linking power in those tier1 sites while minimizing the risk by having fewer more powerful links to your money site. It also gives you a place to “wash” lower quality backlinks (your tier2 sites) if you want to do that sort of thing. You could even build tier3 parasites or social sites to link up into tier2 if you like.

Original Unique Content

Each site is built using unique original content. So if your site is a review site, it gets reviews, if it is a news site, it gets curated news, if it is a personal blog, it gets posts written from a personal perspective, ect. We are also using graphics, videos and other types of media when called for. These pieces of content are NOT just random articles, they are written specifically for YOU and YOUR sites! 

Continued Content

Once we are done building the sites, we don’t stop there. Built into the recurring fee is a continued maintenance plan that keeps your sites healthy, indexed and growing with authority each month as we continue to add original content each month. Remember, this isn’t your normal article here and there, we are making these sites into sites that would be worthy of ranking themselves. The content is useful and unique to tier 1 sites and continues to add value to the web. Tier 2 sites will receive quality, syndicated content from trusted sources.

Continued Inner Linking

On “real” websites, it is normal to link between articles on the site. Most people who own PBNs do not do this because it is incredibly time consuming. But, because it makes a stronger site, we do it, and we do it every month when we add content to your site.

Wordpress Updates

Another thing that most PBN owners fail to do is maintain WordPress when updates come out. In our maintenance plan, you don’t have to worry about it, we have you covered! Every time there is a WordPress Update, we are on top of it and will go in and update ALL your sites for you.

Off Site Back-Ups

For added peace of mind, we are now backing up all your sites in regular intervals on a different server so you NEVER have to worry about losing your sites to random hosting issues.


Our Guarantee goes above and beyond what anyone has ever done before in this industry. With the maintenance plan we are able to give you the two unheard of guarantees where we really are putting our money where our mouth is.

Putting – Our – money – where – our – mouth – is – DOUBLE – Guarantee!

No De-Indexing Guarantee

We are THE BEST in the industry and these sites are so good and we are going to take SUCH good care of them that we guarantee they will stay indexed. We ARE putting our money where our mouth is. As a valued active, current customer that has followed our PBN best practices and has them hosted on approved hosting, if a Tier 1 site is ever de-indexed, WE WILL REPLACE IT  for you at no additional cost!

No Hacking Guarantee

We are taking care of security, too. We noticed in the past when we delivered sites to customers, they struggled to keep them up-to-date and properly secured, and often they would be hacked, rendering them useless. As part of our recurring maintenance we will make sure your site is updated, secure, and hacker-safe. If a site is ever hacked, we will restore the site at NO COST to you.

Network Build

Incredibly unique websites
Variation in 'type' of site, not just theme
Original content (no reuse, copied, spun on Tier 1s)
Best PBN sites anywhere
Domains according to your preference
One or multiple niches
YOU own the sites, domains, etc

Management Plan

100% Done For You
Original content posted every month (avg 2x on Tier 1s)
Content type/amount varies by site
Articles, op ed, media, news coverage, more
Cross linking back to older content
Links built for you (+ you can always do it)
WordPress updated - security updates, etc
Plugins kept current always
No-hack guarantee - security is on us
No-deindexing guarantee - no one else dares
No worries, no effort, we do it all

PBN Network

$597 per/mo to build & maintain
  • 30 Site Network
  • Consistent Slow Build
  • Continued Growth Maintenance
  • Tier 1: Unique Content
    Added Monthly
  • Tier 1: No de-indexing guarantee
  • Tier 2: Syndicated content
    added Monthly
  • No hacking guarantee
  • SEO Domination
  • Less is MORE!


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